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Jul 4, 2010

Unsupported Operation - Episode 3



  • Logback 0.9.24 is out. Logback is an implementation of a slf4j written by the same person as slf4j and is typically used through that API. Logback recently added supported for Groovy log configuring. You would use it instead of log4j. (yeah, definately! don't you want something that is fixed fast rather than on a slow release schedule? also see...)
  • Apache PDF Box 1.2.0 released. Apache PDFBox is an open source Java library for working with PDF documents. Sounds somewhat similar to iText.
  • HSQLDB had a major new release in June. Seems to be renamed "HyperSQL". (H2 also put out a minor release :-)
  • Hazelcast 1.8.5 released - simple easy to use, yet powerful library for in-memory datagrids: distributed hashmaps, queues, lists etc.
  • Apache Nutch 1.1 released - web search engine - built on top of Lucene and Solr, adds web crawlers, link graphs, parsers for HTML and other formats etc.
  • JxCapture 2 out - never come across this before, but is a library for doing screen capture in java into image and video. Could be usefull for recording Selenium/WebDriver runs. (java.awt.Robot!)


  • Midge 0.1.1 - mocking framework for clojure from Brian Marrick
  • Trammel is a new contracts library for clojure from Michael Fogus
  • Radagast is a new test coverage tool for clojure from Phil Hagelberg, author of Leiningen
  • Clojure for Beginners is a new book from Satish Talim - email for a free copy



  • GroovyServ 0.2 out - reminds me of nailgun. Speed up Groovy startup.
  • Griffon in Action new MEAP is out - chapters on integration and testing.
  • Support for Groovy 1.7.3's new @InheritedConstructors landed in the IntelliJ IDEA Community git repository this week. It's a 600mb checkout if you want to pull it out and compile it yourself...


  • David Pollack the creator of Liftweb has an interview on
  • David Pollack and others have started Fresh Scala, read about it at dzone. From the article " The Fresh Scala Initiative aims to address the issue of version fragility in the ecosystem." basically it is building common projects against Scala 2.8 to ensure binary compatibility.


Tools and Frameworks

Web Frameworks

  • Jersey 1.3 now in Maven - requires SE6 - Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services
  • ZK 5.0.3 Released - RIA web framework, session/server side based, code in java, views/forms/windows written in an XML dialect with custom XML elements for components. Nice framework, but havn't used it beyond a simple "Hello World" app.
  • Apache Tiles 2.2.2 GA is now released - modular view framework, new: Freemarker and Velocity support, OGNL and MVEL support


  • Build Servers / Tools
  • Sonar/Maven gets a new plugin to track memory usage during testing. memtracker. (Shame it's tied to Maven)
  • SmartGit 1.5.4 released - java/swing based Git GUI client, from Syntevo - the makers of SmartCVS and SmartSVN.
  • Hadoop / NoSQL
  • IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3 RC2 out - download / release notes (noticed auto-completion and importing is poor in current Community Edition. Also: Bookmarks: 9.0.2!)
  • Amazon SQS has amusing new pricing (first 100,000 messages are free. 10c for each subsequent 100,000 messages). Also larger message sizes and retention periods.
  • Stax has released their pricing. Stax offers PaaS (Platform as a Service ) for java applications, drop a war in and go. (on EC2)


Application Servers

  • Eclipse Gemini Web Milestone released along with Eclipse Gemini Blueprint Milestone, two component of the new OSGi 4.2 "enterprise" standard, Web providers a web container that allows you to deploy .war files directly as OSGi bundles, previously there was just the HTTPService which gave you servlet capabilities. Blueprint builds on Spring Dynamic Modules to give better DI/IoC of OSGi services.




  • Driving Technical Change - new Progprog EAP edition out. (Why People On Your Team Don't Act On Good Ideas, and How to Convince Them They Should)